FISR 012 – Change Your Purpose In Life EP  FISR 012
Hailing from Japan, Mr Setsuo Morikawa brings Future In Sound his own touch of piano and House. His motto is “not everyone understands house music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing” after all.


FISR 011 – Lovin’ You EP 
Emma Cover A1
It’s a big one. Weighting as our first release for 2014, our first vinyl imprint comes as a double killer from a French producer Florian Muller, also known as the Florian Muller Project. After a long awaited arrival of Spring, the season of love restarts again. Available at, juno download and japan stores.


FISR 010 – Optiv EP FISR 010x
Celebrating our 10th release and last of 2012, Future In Sound goes over to the heart of minimal and deep music right in Germany. Fabian Dopp aka Doeppmusik, young upcoming talent who recently just got signed by OSS Records brings forth a pair of fresh sounds on his first release for Future In Sound Records!


FISR 009 – Spirited Away Cover 009
Opening their first EP on Future In Sound, Safe & Sound duo (including Vanye from Future In Sound) bring forward their own style of electronica music. A fusion of nu disco and deep slow house beats melted by a swift melodie, this EP takes our spirits accross the realms of love and music


FISR 008 – Friction
On our 8th edition, Komp Sci returns with dark beats fitting the arrival of Halloween. From Tech House to Techno, this double track release develops some strange melodic synthesizers with fast rhythms. Adding some industrial sounds and deep vocals transformed the atmosphere into one close to Minimal but kept it very Komp Sci-like. Intense, dark but clean, Friction brings out the other you


FISR 007 – Microcosmos 
The 7th release brings the talented Björn Albyon back on the scene once again. The mysterious electronica producer has 3 special tracks digging cosmis electronic sounds, pure progressive mixed a small trance touch. With some uplifting builds-up and spacy melodies, he adds some stray basses to add even more momentum and intensity through his music


FISR 006 – Basement Light  
The sixth release comes from Red Circus & Logea. 3 basement sounds digging through the early hours of the day, RC & L brought dub style and deep house in one, infused with some Garage and Detroit music, mixing power and flow together.

FISR 005 – Repetitive Addiction
Our 5th release comes through Red Circus. Underground electronic was often criticized as repetitive and boring, but the style and development behind repetition was what made it so pure. RC brings 3 tracks, lost between tech house and deep minimal, where a melody transports the soul with very fast rhythms. It builds up power and tension. Going deeper and deeper, an addiction that repeats with no control.
FISR 004 – Hopes & Fears
Bjorn Albyon
jumps back in the heart of Future In Sound with the June release. The mysterious man has put forward a 3 track EP of pure electronica bliss, mixing electro and trance together. Carrying some progressive harmony into some strong beats, this originality is what has defined Bjorn Albyon’s talent as a producer

FISR 003 – Scientific Workshop
In Mai appeared Komp Sci‘s deep work out. Several projects mixed into a solid EP, Komp Scihas gathered several instruments of the house department and shows his complexity. Tech, Tribal and some deep Chicago House in his own style. Some trifling rhythms and deep melodies to get you on your feet dancing

FISR 002 – Only Her

Released in April, Red Circus brings forth power and higher motion. Another double track EP, focusing the intensity of deep tech and dub house, a genre specific to his style. Mixing deep house and dub techno together, creating an ambient like music while emitting different rhythms and sharpening the melodies between high and lows.

FISR 001 – One Night Out 
The first online release was by Logea, on the march 17th 2012, making the first appearance of FIS on the market. Alexander gathered the long hours of the night through a deep house introduction before heading into a dub and more ambient sound. Harmonic melodies and fly vocals, just relaxing sounds that drift the body and soul in space.


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