Future In Sound Records 012

FISR 012


After Germany and a drop by France with our favorite magician, FIS now flies all the way across the globe to bring you our new artist and release:

Hailing from Japan, Mr Setsuo Morikawa brings Future In Sound his own touch of piano and House. This 3 tracks EP moves around a playful exchange of keys and shaky rhythms. Following great and oncoming releases on Jazzy Butterfly Records, House of Smooth and Release London Records, Setsuo has a certain thing for House music: his motto is “not everyone understands house music. It’s a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing” after all.

Change Your Purpose in Life opens up with a kick. With a breeze of jacking house and some light female vocals, this track lets you be drawn into an outburst of energy and dancing vibes.

In second, Want Not Waste Not is a late night groover: its pad, successfully floating throughout the track, will drive you forward slowly while the non-ever stopping rhythms will keep you off your seat.

Deep Inside closes up the promenade. Another great workout between the pad and the rhythms. The soft vocal adds an edge to the deep and profound atmosphere, and softens the melodic play between the highs and lows.

OUT ON BANDCAMP.  Buy here: https://futureinsoundrecords.bandcamp.com/album/setsuo-morikawa-change-your-purpose-in-life-ep-fisr-012

Thank you for your support.

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