FOTL (Friends Of The Label) #3 Lamine


Hailing from Paris, Lamine has been travelling onto his own journey of underground electronic from years back. From the same “young” generation, we met him during a very special Toi.Toi night in London at the Hoxton Basement. In a fusion of Minimal and Techno sounds, he has been making his way into the scene.

Making his debut on Musikpropaganda and his banging Techno track “Off To Tokyo”, he quickly followed with successive diverse releases. Signed onto Entail Records last year, his EPs demonstrated as much as his sets his passion for music, as well as his understanding of the Minimal Techno atmosphere. From private warehouses in North East to ones in South London, across clubs in London Bridge, Vauxhall and Hackney area, and even at the Marvellous Island Festival in France last year, Lamine is mixing around while spreading his intense but yet thrilling sounds.

Have a listen, share and support his music. If you get the chance, go see him do his thing:


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