City Fly w/ Claire.C (Future In Sound, London) // 03.08.13


It is with utmost pleasure that our new secret concept known as Claire.C will be behind the decks on this Saturday, the 3rd of August. The artist will be joining our favorite label and party of the moment: CITY FLY! All the way up in Leicester, CF has been behind the creation of solid underground music scene alongside a few others respected parties.

Following the release party of Visions Vol 2, Claire.C will bring its essence alongside the team (Jonna, Arthur Jnr, Freddie Maze and Tonks). Back in the basement of the Sophbeck, a night of deep and limitless groove is just a couple nights away.

Having been silent recently, Future In Sound has been preparing the printing of the very awaited FISR 011 Lovin’ You Ep which should be coming out in vinyls at some point next month on Decks Records.

Join the event here


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