V/A City Fly Visions Vol 2 (CFR005)

City Fly Records 005


Release Date: May 2013

City Fly have been proud to release three solo 12”’s from house disciples Steven Wobblejay, Flori and Creative Swing Alliance – complete with a plethora of remixes from acclaimed producers such as Medlar, Leif and Iron Curtis. However, as always at the forefront of the house revival City Fly continue their quest in discovering and nurturing hidden house talent – always on the lookout to unearth and showcase those left in the shadows…
So for their 5th release City Fly are proud to present the ‘Visions Volume 2’ EP – the follow up to their successful debut ‘Visions’ EP. The ethos of the Visions EP’s are to present an array of artists from an international palette – representing the full house spectrum and showcasing house in all its forms. As well as welcoming back kindred spirit Pablo Valentino into the fold, City Fly are proud to present Lay-Far, The Royal Oberheims and Chocky for Visions Vol.2…


After the success of his ‘CSA EP’ on City Fly’s second release under his nom de plume Creative Swing Alliance, label mainstay and producer du jour Pablo Valentino is back bringing the heat to the label’s latest EP. His contribution, ‘Old New Swing’ kicks off with some conversational dusty vocal samples and warm bass – a tried and tested formula that’s synonymous with his tracks on his MCDE imprint with partner in crime Danilo Plessow. The track then slowly builds with the de rigueur diva soul vox juxtaposing with the intermittent synths and keys – personifying the track title perfectly. Yet again showcasing his production ingenuity in mixing the old and new effortlessly, ‘Old New Swing’ will appeal to the heads and dancers alike – one for the soul and the soles…


City Fly have unearthed a raw diamond in the form of Russia’s Alexander Lay-Far AKA Lay-Far. The Moscow native and ‘In-Beat-Ween Sessions’ host is already building an impressive discography with a release on Dutch tastemakers 4lux, Manchester’s Development Music and more recently on JD records with Detroit marvel Terrence Parker remixing him. On to ‘Perfect World’ and with its dream-like harmony, yearning female larynx and warm bass, it’s a transcendent production that builds up to an arresting, ethereal breakdown – elevating it above the usual house fare with its timeless aesthetic. With further releases due on distinguished house labels including Amp Art, Visky Recordings and Fifty Fathoms Deep, Lay-Far is definitely one to watch this year…


Roman Rauch’s inimitable production style has seen him appear on a diverse array of prestigious house labels such as Philpot, Quintessentials, Endless Flight and MoreAboutMusic, and with his recent guest spot at City Fly’s renowned club night, it was only a matter of time and a natural progression that he would feature on their next release. On this occasion Rauch teams up with the mysterious ‘Perez’ to form the enigmatically named ‘The Royal Oberheims’ and present the equally intriguingly titled ‘Crash Test Dummies’. With its warm pads and bouncy syncopated rhythm, ‘Crash Test Dummies’ builds relentlessly resulting in arresting climaxes with acid squelches and swirling synths elevating the listener – culminating in an otherworldly groove that is idiosyncratic and infectious in equal measure. Here’s to the Royal Oberheims being cast upon the throne in the house hierarchy…


To round off the EP City Fly are proud to present London Town’s Chocky who has already caused waves with his tracks for the Disconnected label. Taking cue from the John Wyndham novel, this was the source of inspiration for the name ‘Chocky’ – where an alien utilises sounds and frequencies to communicate to the world. Listening to ‘Landed In Hackney’ you can certainly hear the influence as in contrast to the rest of the EP this track takes the listener on a deeper trajectory with its atmospheric synths, bottomless bass, eerie jazz squiggles and haunting vox – a deeper journey that’s definitely one to submerge yourself in with the headphones on. With future releases also due on Roots For Bloom and fellow Leicester-based house posse Artful Division, Chocky is one to watch out for in 2013…



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