Future In Sound Records 011

Future In Sound presents its new face late in 2013, with its first release of the year. Reaching its 10th edition in December 2012, the new year started with FIS preparing for big things! Future In Sound kicked off its own network “Listen & Discover” bringing music from ONLY underground/upcoming artists and labels from all around the place.

In addition to that, FISR will be on Vinyl! FISR 011 is one hell of a package. Following some Detroit, Electronica, Tech, more Electronica and some Minimal Techno (hailing from Germany of course), we land right back into the house of House, with some French summer loving vibes by the talented Florian Muller Project.

Created by the hands of a true artist, Lovin’ You employs a deep driving bassline, with a captivating exchange of hats to create such a fascinating atmosphere. Singing over a drifting succession of piano notes, the vocal turns the entire track into the shape of profound love. All the while, throughout the track, you will find the influences of other strong House genres (Chicago, Detroit, pure House), giving this innovating edge and classifying this as “this is not your usual deep house”.

Controlling and developping the atmosphere with ease while creating an engaging and positive feeling through his music may be a way to describe Florian Muller’ sounds. Working the bassline, brought along by a rhythmic flowing with superb fluidity, Viens A Moi Et Brule Mon Ame (Come To Me and Burn My Soul) is a masterpiece. Constantly progressing, this track showcases the intense feeling of Love.

Dedicated to your special someone

Pictures: Eric Fischer http://ericfischer.com/  Caryn Waechter http://www.carynwaechter.com/
Model: Emma Barrett http://www.emmabarrett.com/
Design: Alexander Olenga http://futureinsoundrecords.com/releases/

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