Review #3 Toi.Toi. presents Isis & Jan Krueger’s Birthday with Mike Shannon + Residents

For our first London night review, we headed to a basement lost in between Hoxton and Shoreditch but well known of the Toi.Toi. crew. Being one of our first and favorite nights that we attended in the London underground scene, we awaited a special occasion to showcase its beauty. Celebrating the birthdays of both Isis, one of the “owner creator” of the Toi.Toi. events and the supra talented and guest resident Jan Krueger, the crew gathered and headed down their Hoxton home.

Opening up was Junki Inoue, whose set was more than just a warm up. Moving from Tech to Techno with smoothness and getting the dancers on their toes right from the start, the magic had already begun. Heating up the atmosphere, the residents and heart of Toi.Toi.  took over, with their one of a kind b2b: the Lamache and Claus Voigtmann started. Moving the crowd into a deeper world with ease, the pair’s music flew across the dancefloor, digging into Minimal and pure Techno beats.
From residents to one of the most looked up artists of the crew, Mike Shannon took  the head of the ship and sailed the night.  With innovation and his own style, he gave a taste of different electronic sounds. Power, deepness and rhythm fused all together in harmony, with great control gained from years of mixing and developing his cultural knowledge as well as his various experiences (live mixing). Intensity building up and reached its peak when birthday giant Jan Krueger took over. “Refined electronic sound” would be the closest expression to define Jan’s set, through which years of house and techno influences were displayed with technique and dedication. Owning a vast record collections, his set was spot on and a showcase of his understanding of music.  A DJ’s DJ and A&R of the outstanding label Hello?Repeat, he’s really gift to the music industry..

Neons lights changing at the fingers of the Claus, friends and strangers sharing a dance all around the Hoxton basement, and deep underground music echoing across the basement, this was a celebration pure Toi.Toi. style… with a crazy afterparty at Questionmark bar 🙂

A weekend full of surprises it was, as Nicolas Lutz was announced new resident of the Toi.Toi. Agency & resident of the wonderful events.

happy birthday from the team!

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