Future In Sound Records 009 : Spirited Away EP


Vanye joins the wagon of our releases with his Safe & Sound duo

Opening their first EP on Future In Sound, Safe & Sound duo (including Vanye from Future In Sound) bring forward their own style of electronica music. A fusion of nu disco and deep slow house beats melted by a swift melodie, this EP takes our spirits accross the realms of love and music

All That Lies Beyond is the first to open this wonderful EP. A track that develops and goes deeper in both melody and rhythm. A trancy vocal that takes you on the path of peace and harmony.

Spirited Away, the name of the Ep, moves you in a different space. A strong rhythm that builds up throughout the sound with a very progressive melodie. A relaxing atmosphere moving along a nimble bassline..

!! http://futureinsoundrecords.bandcamp.com/album/safe-sound-spirited-away-ep-fisr-009 !!

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