Review #2 City Fly’s 8th birthday w/Medlar (Wolf Music), Illusions Recordings & City Fly DJs

Our second review takes us back to Leicester, on this occasion FIS joined the crowd to celebrate 8 years of City Fly. A night that’s taken its journey through London and Leicester, brought some upcoming artists before their explosion and shown the potential of pure underground events in the midlands.

Inside the basement of the Sophbeck, it was none other than the duo running Illusion Recordings that opened the show, bringing 2 intense hours of deep house bombs mixed with tech house beats, generating a strong atmosphere. With some crazy releases on their label, Tom Craven & James Cotterhill had more than enough sounds to feed a fresh and hungry crowd.

At the mark, Medlar took over. Pure and intense sounds ravaged the dancefloor. He mixed deep house and classic tracks with smoothness, mending breaks and techno together, adding raw beats and elevating the flow with pure innovation. The man from Wolf Music controlled the crowd, giving a little lesson in underground music by playing and fusing more genres that they could have expected to even listen. Track after track, he let his style erupts and drove the basement mad.


Celebrating their 8th birthday, the City Fly team took over with Jonna, Arthur Jnr, J’Shez and the Hohle duo. 8th years of event and their technique captivated the crowd, boosting back into strong deep basslines and fast rhythms. In a crazy 4 artists back to back session, they pushed the night til 7, swapping places throughout their set and mixing in fresh releases and unknown killers from the early years. NewSchool, Old School, it swam like a fish in the water. With J’Shez even dropping Logea-Deep Desire, the night reached another state of music loving. Completing each other, the music truly showcased the history of the team, how it developed and what influenced it in addition to how they managed to handle both events and a record label onto such a great following : by being true to what they love..


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