FOTL (Friends Of The Label) #2 Marvin Dez


Friend of the label, Marvin Dez has be known by the Future In Sound crew from their days back in high school. Out of their South Kensington planet before the others, Marvin explored the London scene and opened his dedication to music its full extent.

Pushed forward by giving the people some quality music and a place to love the vibe, he began both producing and DJing, teaming up with some fresh talents and always showing his little personal touch for jazz. Creative, knowledgeable and full of music love, DJ Dez differentiated himself by mixing a chill and positive atmosphere into melodic rhythms.

But what has made him someone to keep an eye out for, was seen through his White Rabbit parties. More than just bringing great upcoming acts, Dez and Kino Levi have changed some people’s way of partying by adding live support from crazy saxophone players and heartwarming soul singers. Such drive, such intensity felt by pure jazz music playing meters away from the crowd made the White Rabbit nights some of the purest boat parties you could find in London. Each event bringing another great DJ who then combines his music with the lives acts, fitting perfectly into the White Rabbit ambiance.

Live Jazz, deep soul house and funky tech house beats, all brought to you by the W.R team


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