FOTL (Friends Of The Label) #1 Karma Of Dove

255596_10200242399595307_1353655432_nFriend of the label, Karma Of Dove can be considered as a real artist. Production & mixing, writer, street artist, photograph, his mind wonders constantly and makes use of the most simple thought into a more complex development

Living in NYC, his early career took him into the explosion of raves & partying, which allowed him to be part of the stage that created today’s clubbing scene. Even more, he witnessed the changes of society and music from the late 80s, travelling through Europe as a sailor in the US Navy before heading back to the States in the 90s. Chicago House, Detroit Techno, Italo, German, Dutch, he knows about it.

Here’s a paragraph from his blog
“During his enlistment in the US Navy, he traveled the world and saw first hand the power of club music in uniting people of different racse and cultures under one house music groove. It was during his stay in Italy during a period where he recuperated from an injury during his first Iraq War deployment that he fell in love with the italo house sound that was blossoming in Italy in 1990”

An incredible cultural spirit, his appreciation of genres was always open to something new as you will be able to enjoy through his sounds. Very inspired by the Latino rhythms, you will feel his technique on mixing harmony and tribal melodies.

Please take some time and really dig into his sense of music, it is something special. A big inspiration to Red Circus & Logea, with whom he will shortly release some fresh productions as the duo Regular Artists.

A story with each of his podcast, read and learn, teach yourself where our music comes from

A lot of respect for you my friend!

PS: The name Karma Of Dove was created so it could illustrate his work as a writer!


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