Dreambox. The podcast brought to you by Bjorn Albyon. Intense and high paced music, mixing up trance, uplifting and progressive sounds with a fine touch. Digging high, Bjorn Albyon brings a solid input of pure electronica hymns, during this hard time of “commercialization” of 140 bpm music. Most the genres that haven’t been releasing dark or deep music have been often too quickly categorized as commercial due to a couple factors: the output produced by the leading artists, the accessibility of this music, the style and the crowd itself.
It has become a lot more common for people to listen to Trance. It isn’t this “Raving-only music” that commoners used to describe. With major trance artists teaming up with pop stars and mixing more House than Trance, playing dubstep or electro, the scene has changed into a much wider musical society. The evolution of a scene is a natural cause. Each music scene has evolved and developed with time. As for the quality… Bjorn Albyon has taken the matter of his hand into his 14th episode. One hour of pure Trance Music.

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